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Frequently Asked Questions - Water Heaters - Indianapolis, Indiana

What Should Be Considered Before Purchasing a New Hot Water Heater in Indianapolis, IN?
Take in all the factors you can think of; the most important being:
  • Which Fuel Source Does Your Home Require? Gas or Electric?
  • How Many Gallons of Storage Capacity Do You Need?
  • What Type of Tank is Right for You? Tankless or not?
  • Do You Need a Warranty and for How Long?
How Do You Determine When You Need a New Water Heater?
Your hot water heater might be deteriorating if there is any type of water or moisture accumulation around the base of the appliance, or in the area beneath it. This could possibly be a leak. Also, if the quality of your tap water is declining, this could mean your system is over contaminated or losing production value. Another common sign that your water heater needs replaced or repaired is if your water takes significantly longer to heat than it ever has before. Call Water Heater Repair Indiana.com for more information about when to replace a hot water heater in your home.
What is the Difference between an Electric Water Heater and a Gas Water Heater?
Electric water heaters typically cost a little more when operating; however, they are more efficient than a gas water heater. Gas water heaters are less expensive to run, but run less efficiently and cost more upfront.
How Do I Increase the Life of my Hot Water Heater?
Regular and routine maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your water heater, as well as, maintain its performance value. Be sure to flush your water heater annually in order to remove rust, sediment, and other particles that build up over-time. You can also Water Heater Repair Indiana.com for professional and reliable maintenance services and DIY advice at 317-537-9707.
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